According to initial membership responses to the CICPO survey released September 14th which asked ICPs about the impact the new CCEYA has had on their businesses, 16% of respondents are planning to close their daycares and 6% have already shut their doors.

If these results are indicative of independent care across Ontario we can extrapolate that a 6% closure rate can potentially equal the loss of approximately 21,000 self sustained, affordable and safe childcare spaces.  Adding another 16% of closures equals up to another 56,000 spaces. In total there is a potential loss of 77,000 spaces just in independent childcare closures alone.

10% of those providers will require childcare for their own children adding a further burden to the childcare sector.

In addition to the loss of spaces due to daycare closures, 84% of respondents, who are still operating and have space available, have had to turn away families seeking care due to the new ratio and age restrictions imposed by the CCEYA. 93% of the families turned away were seeking care for a child/children under the age of two. Providers still operating are now working up to 20% below capacity which translates overall into approximately 13,000 empty spaces.

While the Ministry of Education’s new regulations aimed at independent childcare providers are forcing the closure of a possible 90,000 childcare spaces and parents are scrambling to find safe, affordable childcare, the same Ministry is funding the licensed childcare sector at a rate of $38,000 per space. The full cost for the MOE’s promised 100,000 spaces, which will essentially replace those lost due to the CCEYA, will be 3.8 billion dollars to taxpayers. This government is not only forcing parents, against their wishes, to put their children into institutionalized, big box childcare, they are also making them foot the bill – twice. Once to create the space and again to pay the daily fee for their child’s care.