Our Work

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CICPO – Independent Childcare in Ontario

Prior to the inception of CICPO (The Coalition of Independent Childcare Providers of Ontario), meaningful information about the largest and most widely used sector of Ontario’s childcare did not exist. The only information available to the public were media reports, aligning Independent Childcare Providers (ICPs) acting responsibly and within the law with illegal providers. Frustrated with these highly inaccurate portrayals of an entire sector of responsible Independent Childcare Providers, CICPO was formed. Now, CICPO has a presence at the Ministry level and has created a voice for ICPs and families across the province. We are currently working toward regulations to support a more inclusive childcare licensing system as well as educating the public about Independent Childcare, the CCEYA, and what to look for in legal, quality childcare.

Submissions came in from ICPs across the province to give the public a more accurate portrayal of the quality of care that CICPO represents.