On September 23rd, the Minister of Education, Mitzie Hunter, made an announcement regarding child care in the province.

Debra Keedwell from CCPRN and Becky Jarvis attended the announcement to represent ICPs. In this stage the government is developing the phase 3 regulations, although this is still in the very early stages. We listened to speeches made by the new MOE, Minister Mitzie Hunter and the new MOE assistant, Indira Naidoo-Harris, who will be solely in charge of overseeing the childcare sector. We were given small presentations on different aspects of moving forward with childcare on the provincial and federal level then given questions to discuss with a ministry member at each table facilitating the discussion and taking notes.

Becky sat with some wonderful ladies who were very supportive of the independent sector. The overall general consensus that came from our table was positive, supportive and that an emphasis on the inclusivity of ALL sectors of childcare is needed. But we must be very honest; there were many people in the room that would like the independent sector to not exist. Meetings are happening at the federal level with stakeholders in childcare yet the independent sector is still not being represented. We are working hard to try and secure a seat at the table. We need your help with collecting data! If you haven’t already done so, please fill out our latest provider’s survey. Know of someone that has already closed their daycare? Please send the survey for them to complete as well. We are looking for closures, any lost spaces due to your own children or because of limitations of the age restrictions, lost income, demand for independent home daycare etc. It takes only a couple of minutes to complete but it is imperative that we get these numbers!

Please fill out the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/35YDPN8