Providers it’s obvious by this latest round of child care announcements that the Liberals are still not listening.
The funding they have announced looks rosy but it’s unsustainable, we’ll be right back here when the money runs out. The Liberals are trying desperately to win votes by spreading around money that Ontario doesn’t have. It’s time for us to take matters into our own hands again.

This is a call to action.

We’ve all heard the old adage “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” well..the PC government is gaining momentum and popularity, we need to tap into that. The Progressive Conservatives are the official opposition in the legislature. Patrick Brown the party leader is also the education critic, if we help him to see what we see, he will have the ammunition to hold the Libs accountable.

We need to let him know how important the child care issue is going to become in this next year before the election.
This is what we’re up against:

– “Child care advocates” (read licensed sector advocates) have the Liberals’ ear, these are the same people who advocate for independent providers to only be allowed to care for 3 children, including their own under 6.

– The MOE has written regulations in the CCEYA absolving themselves of all responsibility if they fail at their jobs.

– They have mandated that ICPs disclose their independence to disavow us.

– They have revoked the clause excluding a provider’s own school aged child from being counted during the school year which they can enforce at the drop of a hat, without notice.

– They have allowed themselves to be cowed by the SMALLEST contingent of the child care industry.

Most of these advocates are people who haven’t worked with children or parents for a very long time. They’re working with paper… in offices… and doing research. While research is necessary and valuable, we are in the trenches, dealing with the day-to-day of parental needs. We know what parents are looking for in our cities, towns and rural communities outside the GTA.

We need to share that knowledge with someone who can DO something to affect the changes needed to make child care work effectively for Ontario.

Please take a moment to send Patrick Brown an email or postage free paper letter sharing your concerns. Get your clients on board too, their collective voice is powerful. If you’re not sure what to say CICPO has a letter template that you can use.

Let’s put the education critic to work for the good of child care.

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Find template Letters here