About Us

The Coalition of Independent Childcare Providers of Ontario (CICPO) was founded in July, 2014, by three Independent Providers in Ottawa, Ontario. It was created to advocate for both families and Independent Home Childcare Providers (ICPs) in response to the proposed changes to daycare legislation, now known as the Childcare and Early Years Act (CCEYA).  CICPO has over 1500 members, with 14 Team Leaders in 14 cities across Ontario.


CICPO uses the experience and resources of ICPs to protect, and enact positive change, for the largest and most widely used sector of childcare in Ontario. Our activism has been a voice for our colleagues, carved a place to represent ICPs with the Government of Ontario, and led to policy change to better exemplify the needs of Ontario families. We strive to protect the vital role of independent childcare providers and secure the viable option of independent home childcare for Ontario’s families.


Our vision is a country where parents are able to choose the location and type of daycare that works best for them and their children.  This vision includes affordable, accessible and equitable daycare option for Ontario’s families through the preservation of quality home childcare options.